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My family and I moved from North Carolina to Pensacola, Florida in August 2012. At the time, Z. Veronica Couto my wife and I both worked fulltime, had two small children, and no family or friends nearby. We have been desperated about having somebody else. We came across A Perfect Nanny’s website and thought we would give it a chance. This is one of the best decisions ever made. Over the past year, Veronica and the others at A Perfect Nanny have provided outstanding childcare for our family. The children know the nannies and are happy to see them. Veronica often takes pictures and videos of children so miss miss an important milestone. In addition to regularly scheduled service, they often watch their children,when work and family Zelia Veronica Vogel Couto emergencies arise. Finally, Veronica is much more than a nanny to us; she has become part of our family.



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